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VCO Day 3
VCO Day 2
VCO Day 1
  • VCO Day 1

  • Day 1 of the Volvo Car Open started with me photographing doubles partners Gabi Dabrowski & Yifan Xu as they visited with kids at the MUSC Children's Hospital. Next I covered the All Access Media Hour, held at the Daniel Island Golf Center. There, I photographed the tournament portraits of the t[...]
VCO Player Party
  • VCO Player Party

  • Rolling out the red carpet and welcoming all the best tennis players in the world to Charleston, the Volvo Car Open Player Party is always a HUGE HIT!!! This year it was held at the beautiful new Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Charleston. [...]
VCO Family Day
VCO Iconic Photo Shoot
  • VCO Iconic Photo Shoot

  • While the top players began settling into Charleston for the Volvo Car Open, I had the privilege of photographing Johanna Konta and Naomi Osaka on The Dewberry Hotel rooftop during this year's Iconic Photo Shoot!!!
West Ashley Greenway
  • West Ashley Greenway

  • What a beautiful way to end the day!!! The final rays of the setting sun skim across the marsh grass of the low-country as I stroll along the West Ashley Greenway. Good night everybody!
Leila's 1-Year Cake Smashing
  • Leila's 1-Year Cake Smashing

  • From photographing Joe & Louisa's wedding, to capturing Geer's 1-Year Cake Smashing, it was a real joy to meet the newest addition to their family! Leila is an absolute joy, such a happy kid, and so much fun to be around. We photographed an entire family session at Hampton Park, and she never[...]
Andy Savage Headshots
  • Andy Savage Headshots

  • For over 3 decades, Savage Law has taken on some of the most complex, high profile criminal cases in the Lowcountry! Earlier this week I had the pleasure of photographing some new executive portraits for Andy Savage. I've been photographing for this law firm over the last decade. It was great to [...]
Mackenzie & Ashley's Surprise Proposal
  • Mackenzie & Ashley's Surprise Proposal

  • It was almost a month ago when Ashley called to see if I would secretly photograph his Surprise Proposal. He and I have had so much fun making plans and preparing for this special day! Ashley and Mackenzie have been together for several years now. They have fallen head-over-heals in love. And he [...]
Create Photography Retreat
  • Create Photography Retreat

  • It's an honor and a privilege to be selected as a guest speaker alongside legends like Eddie Tapp, Judy Host, Richard Bernabe, and Ben Hartley at the Create Photography Retreat over the next few days!!! Here are a few shots from today's outing at Middleton Place Plantation... [...]
Headshots for Dixon Hughes Goodman
  • Headshots for Dixon Hughes Goodman

  • As tax season approaches, what better way to liven up an accountant's day than to schedule head-shots one morning, right?!? Our photo sessions are always fun and entertaining. A good business portrait should look professional. But a GREAT business portrait should also have a sense of genuine huma[...]