Brittainy & Nate Explore Charleston’s Hidden Alleys

Last August I received this wonderful email from a beautiful young lady named Brittainy:

“I am very interested in using you as a photographer.  I know two people that have referred you to me.  I was at the Whitney and Ryan Kalinsky wedding on Seabrook and I know Amy and Seth Zeigler.  They both say you are great and I was very impressed with you at Whitney’s wedding, working all alone yet you were there for every shot!  I did photography in high school and have done some friends weddings myself so photography is a big deal for me on my wedding day!!!”

There is NOTHING that gets an artist more energized than hearing something like this.  Needless to say, I was truly excited when they hired me and was REALLY looking forward to Brittainy & Nate’s Engagement Shoot last week.  I loved the location they picked for their shoot…loved getting to know them, laugh with them, listen to them…and loved how their images came out.  These two have something very special…a connection with each other that is hard to find these days!  I can’t WAIT to be there for them on their wedding day…

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