Brittainy & Nate at St. Luke’s Chapel

I first met Brittainy & Nate last August.  They are friends of Whitney & Ryan, as well as Amy & Seth, both of whom I photographed their weddings.  So I owe a HUGE thank you to these guys for encouraging Brittainy & Nate to check out our website.  I’m so glad I got a chance to work with them and preserve all these beautiful moments of their special day!  I had SUCH a hard time narrowing down my favorites for the blog!!!  J

Brittainy & Nate were married at St. Luke’s Chapel…one of my favorite churches in town.  I love the dramatic wooden rafters and quaint courtyard.  Brittainy went to MUSC Pharmacy School, so the chapel, which is located on MUSC campus and is affiliated with the school, was a great choice.  Chaplain George Rossi, also of MUSC, did a beautiful job with their ceremony.  Afterwards, Brittainy & Nate made a stop down at Waterfront Park for some really cool portraits.  I LOVE IT when a couple appreciates what I do enough to give me just a few moments alone with them so that we can create something special together!!!  Afterwards we met everyone at Cottage on the Creek for a fun-filled evening reception.  One of my favorites is this last shot of them on the top deck at dusk with Shem Creek below and the dramatic sky behind them.   After watching their Music Video below, head over to to see the rest of their wedding photos, engagement portraits, and Brittainy’s beautiful bridal portraits.

Brittainy & Nate, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You guys were AWESOME!  I had so much fun on your wedding day and wish you all the best for a beautiful new life together… 


  1. by Mark on July 30, 2010  3:36 pm Reply

    Awesome series Chris! I know that bike! I've done some work for Susie at Vendue Inn.

  2. by Kellie on July 30, 2010  3:38 pm Reply

    great shot! (nake kissing brittainy's shoulder)

  3. by Kellie on July 30, 2010  3:39 pm Reply

    love this too! (of them kissing with her foot kicked in the air)

  4. by Tony on July 30, 2010  3:41 pm Reply

    Nothing like the word of mouth, brother!

  5. by Susan on July 30, 2010  3:42 pm Reply

    Chris...your pictures are AMAZING!!! (as always!)

  6. by Rev. George Rossi on July 30, 2010  3:46 pm Reply

    Dear Chris and Cami,
    Thanks for sending the pics along to me. The pictures of Nate and Brittainy are awesome.

  7. by Veronica on July 30, 2010  4:18 pm Reply

    Your work is so awesome! I'm awestruck every time I look at the photos you post, Chris! Such an inspiration to the rest of us.... :-)

  8. by Yanira on July 31, 2010  9:36 am Reply

    Do you have a policy that requires everyone you photograph to be beautiful or is it your talent that makes everyone in your photos look model-like?? I always enjoy looking at your pictures Chris! I consider myself lucky to have once been on the other side of your lens, thanks to my friend Kathryn.

  9. by Brittainy & Nate on August 2, 2010  4:15 pm Reply

    The photos are amazing and we love the music you put to the music video which is so cute! Sorry it has taken awhile to respond! We had an amazing honeymoon in St.Lucia and when we got back I got a stomach bug and have been out of commission for the past 5 days. It was so great to look at the photos! They are above and beyond what we ever could have imagined. You are an amazing photographer. You captured our wedding day so beautifully!

  10. by Whitney on August 3, 2010  9:32 am Reply

    Brittainy, I looked at your photos on Chris' website. They are fantastic!! You were a gorgeous bride! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Love, Whit

  11. by Pam on August 6, 2010  10:39 am Reply

    Hi Chris, I know you've been told this many times, but it can't hurt to hear it again.....your photography is amazing! You created a treasure for my son and his wife. Thanks.

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