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VCO Day 4
  • VCO Day 4

  • Day 4 at the Volvo Car Open was all about the ACTION!!! There was so much happening, both on and off the court. Let me know if you enjoy these posts...I love seeing everyone's kind comments. [...]
VCO Day 3
VCO Day 2
VCO Day 1
  • VCO Day 1

  • Day 1 of the Volvo Car Open started with me photographing doubles partners Gabi Dabrowski & Yifan Xu as they visited with kids at the MUSC Children's Hospital. Next I covered the All Access Media Hour, held at the Daniel Island Golf Center. There, I photographed the tournament portraits of the t[...]
VCO Player Party
  • VCO Player Party

  • Rolling out the red carpet and welcoming all the best tennis players in the world to Charleston, the Volvo Car Open Player Party is always a HUGE HIT!!! This year it was held at the beautiful new Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Charleston. [...]
VCO Family Day
VCO Iconic Photo Shoot
  • VCO Iconic Photo Shoot

  • While the top players began settling into Charleston for the Volvo Car Open, I had the privilege of photographing Johanna Konta and Naomi Osaka on The Dewberry Hotel rooftop during this year's Iconic Photo Shoot!!!
West Ashley Greenway
  • West Ashley Greenway

  • What a beautiful way to end the day!!! The final rays of the setting sun skim across the marsh grass of the low-country as I stroll along the West Ashley Greenway. Good night everybody!
Leila's 1-Year Cake Smashing
  • Leila's 1-Year Cake Smashing

  • From photographing Joe & Louisa's wedding, to capturing Geer's 1-Year Cake Smashing, it was a real joy to meet the newest addition to their family! Leila is an absolute joy, such a happy kid, and so much fun to be around. We photographed an entire family session at Hampton Park, and she never[...]
Andy Savage Headshots
  • Andy Savage Headshots

  • For over 3 decades, Savage Law has taken on some of the most complex, high profile criminal cases in the Lowcountry! Earlier this week I had the pleasure of photographing some new executive portraits for Andy Savage. I've been photographing for this law firm over the last decade. It was great to [...]
Mackenzie & Ashley's Surprise Proposal
  • Mackenzie & Ashley's Surprise Proposal

  • It was almost a month ago when Ashley called to see if I would secretly photograph his Surprise Proposal. He and I have had so much fun making plans and preparing for this special day! Ashley and Mackenzie have been together for several years now. They have fallen head-over-heals in love. And he [...]
Create Photography Retreat
  • Create Photography Retreat

  • It's an honor and a privilege to be selected as a guest speaker alongside legends like Eddie Tapp, Judy Host, Richard Bernabe, and Ben Hartley at the Create Photography Retreat over the next few days!!! Here are a few shots from today's outing at Middleton Place Plantation... [...]