Ashley & Kent’s Wedding at the Lake House at Bulow

The love story between Ashley & Kent is one that makes my heart sing!

It wasn’t that long ago that they each ended separate relationships that just weren’t working out. They had no idea what was about to hit them! They met…and it was like magic.  These kindred spirits were just meant to be together.

Ashley is absolutely adorable, witty, and full of fun! She’s a Special Ed teacher, and studying for her Masters in Christian Counseling. Kent is super sharp, mischievous, and a huge movie buff! He’s been in the computer tech industry for a long time, and now adding software engineering to his repertoire. They both love spending time with their dog, Boomer.

Their wedding was held among the tall pine trees on a private island at the beautiful and rustic Lake House at Bulow. Even though the forecast called for thunderstorms throughout the day, the skies cleared up in time and it stayed gorgeous all afternoon! It couldn’t have been a more amazing day for a more AMAZING couple!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Ashley & Kent! We wish you all the happiness and joy that you deserve…

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