Amity & Ryan on Folly Beach

Amity & Ryan are good friends of Kerri & Wes, who’s wedding I had the privilege of photographing earlier this year. Their daughter was the ADORABLE Flower Girl in the wedding! So it was fun to get to work with them again in creating these family memories. 🙂


  1. by Anonymous on October 30, 2009  9:05 am Reply

    I would like to get together sometime in the future to possibly observe your work weather it be in the States or in Germany.

    When we were in México together (when you were photographing for International Missions) and we were going around taking pictures of the women, i can remember the trick you did with the external flash using the orange gel and having one of the flashes positioned behind some iron work to give the illusion of an afternoon/evening shot with the shadow of the iron work clearly on the wall. To this day i am fascinated by that trick!!! It was soooo easy yet looks like a complicated shot. Obviously knowing that little trick doesn't take me away from being a novice, but it surely gave me some insight on how to "enhance" a certain shot to give it feeling, emotion and ultimately, making it into a visual story.

    I have been interested in photography for many years, but haven’t really pursued it until now. It was that day in Mexico that just made me come out of my shell and begin to look into it. So again, thank you...

    Keep in touch please!

  2. by Anonymous on October 30, 2009  11:13 am Reply

    Thanks again for your time and awesome work!


  3. by Anonymous on November 2, 2009  6:59 am Reply

    They are beautiful! I love that spot...that is where wes and I had our engagements pics done ;) I knew that lighthouse looked familiar!

  4. by Anonymous on November 2, 2009  7:00 am Reply

    Thanks chris!!! we had a blast working with you and LOVE the pictures. thanks for capturing our family and for your patience in getting Griffen to open up to time we'll start with letting her take the picture :)

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