Abby & Daniel

Abby & Dan picked Charleston as kind of a Destination Wedding for them and their families. They are from Philadelphia and almost everyone you see in that enthusiastic group photo came from SOMEWHERE out of town! 🙂 That’s GOT to show Abby & Dan how much their friends and family love and support them. But if that isn’t enough of a demonstration, you should have heard all the heartfelt toasts given by everyone at the reception! I could just tell in hanging out with these two, plus mingling and talking to their friends, that they “got it”! They truly understood that life is about relationships. The relationships they have with their family and friends are very deep. And the relationship they have with each other is TRULY special. With this kind of a support group around them, these two really don’t need any well-wishing from me. 🙂 But Abby & Dan, I DO want to wish you guys all the love and all the laughter your heart’s can hold. And I DO want to challenge you to always look at each other the way you looked at each other this night!!! (I LOVE that shot of you guys in the stairwell before being introduced into Alhambra Hall.)

I also really like the last shot with your rings in the sand. Each ring is kept in perfect alignment by leaning on the one next to it. So always remember to lean on each other and trust one another to keep each other in perfect alignment.

See the rest of the photos in their Online Gallery…

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